Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts Katherine Teresa Gun

Millions of souls marched
All over the world
It got to their psyche
What had been hurled
Into the equation
An undying thought
Our waging of war
Is, what was sought

But there was no reason
Weapons they said
Of mass destruction
The story line fed
Out to the papers
That Saddam He
Was preparing to attack
And so we had to be

Ready to fight
To invade and to say
Our bombs would fall first
And would blow you away
Millions of innocent children
Would die
And all of this carnage
Was built on a lie

One Katherine Teresa Gun
At the GCHQ
Saw a secret draft
Which had come through
Solid intelligence
That WMD’s
Were not in Iraq
Being one of the keys
Soon unlocking the way
And invading IRAQ
Its people to slay
Us making our mark

A linguist
A soul with an eminence who
Had courage and an unrivalled sense
To win through
From the text she could see
There was no need for war
Despite Blair’s assertions
She knew, she was sure

The Weapon Inspectors
Were diligently
Searching for what was
But clearly psychopathy
Now posed a threat
And the memo if published
Might really set

The war machine into
Perhaps a reverse
In her minds eye
She saw it as a curse
If she remained silent
Millions would die
If she spoke out
Well It was worth a try
The Official Secrets
If she was caught
Named as a traitor
A spy she’d be sought
And thrown into prison
To remain there
Her life would be ruined
And she was aware

The lives of the people
The soldiers as well
She could make a difference
Heaven and Hell
Places to venture to
What she could do
Is get to the papers
And hope it was true

Her husband a Muslim
An Iraqi Kurd
Who was beside himself too
when he heard
What she was intending
The hiatus to cross
To get it to the Observer
Whatever the loss
To herself to her dignity
Listening to Blair
up lies
It just wasn’t fair
How could she sit back knowing
The lies
And then watch the war
And souls killed like flies

Her womb of time open
The outlook might be
Favourable if she could
Just somehow see
A truth coming out of it
It hit the news
A story was written
With a very short fuse

It was on the front page
Potent and sure
At work it was terrible
Security saw
All of the staff
Browbeating them all
The strong and the weak
Who had broken the rule?

All getting the wrath
All feeling the pain
Frank Koza the man
So much to gain
It was Yvonne Ridley.
a link in the chain
The message was vital
With so much to gain
The Observer
It hit the front page
How insane

It was Blair and Bush
And Colin Powell
When she gave herself up
And was interviewed by
The government people
With fire in their eye
She was given three months
Grace whilst they thought
Whilst they pondered the case
That time she bought

Though she was suffering
Met Liberty
Who aided her case
Her security
An illegal war
Goldsmith had said
And despite that
Blair carried on
And so many dead
And dying and tortured
And lost
So unilluminated
At such a high cost.

Just three days later
The bombs did fly
Bush Liar Blair liar
So many would die
Illogicality chicanery
The liars abuse
Were far flung
We could see
Invasion was powerful
Two jaundiced eyes
Warped swayed and clanisb
Up into the skies.
So much destruction
Deaths on a scale
And all done on lies
And the bloodiest trail

She had nothing to gain
And everything to lose
Such courage the savvy
How she did choose
The perspicasity
And acumen she
Used and whilst bruised
She still worked diligently
A sage of the age
Respectful was
of sound mind
so Thankfully

The Crown Prosecution
Decided that they
Would bring her to charge
And, make her pay
Her husband deported
Thats how they did try
He was picked up
And sent
In the wink of an eye
By the immigration
So much going on
The cause celerbe
Already was gone.

No imminent threat
That was all lies
From the arsehole of blair
And all of his lies
45 minutes
Thats what was said
Just forty five minutes
And thats what led
The English and Americans
Into a war
Where the killing was awful
And the injuries more
So man sacred souls
Killed before they
Knew they were Iraqi’s
And made to pay

Saddam was slaughtered
In court wha we hear
Is the government gave up
It then became clear
She would not be indicted
Not on a lie
She had saved lots of people
Who never did die
She was off thankfully
Freedom again
ANd Bair too scott free
So much disdain
Towards him and still
He puts in his oar
He should be in prison
And That is for sure

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