Sharks we must stop killing them

Logicality and relevance
And superiority
In many aspects matchless
And unrivalled in the sea
The shark an Apex Predator
A fearsome looking soul
With a cartilaginous skeleton
And gill slits on the whole

No swim bladder a reason
Therefore why it has to be
Constant in its movement
And perpetually
Swimming, otherwise
The shark will simply sink and die
Peter Benchley who wrote the novel
“Jaws” realised why
Fear of sharks became the thing
It compromised the way
Sharks hunt in the ocean
And it did portray
An element of stalking
A human trait maybe
Which then entered the psyche
And the anomaly
Surfaced in the human mind
And terror became known
A kind of hell had broken loose
The shambolic side was shown

Way back in the Song Dynasty
960-1279 the Chinese came to see
This predator was powerful
And symbolically
Power and wealth the association
And upon each new year
Shark fin soup or Yu chi tang
Was eaten with great cheer

Its watery eyes and stream lined look
With predation at its core
Tremendous strength and character
Deep down it is sure
Its has the power to master
And an endless drive
To swim for many thousands of miles
And of course survive
Thus it has a uniqueness
An individuality
Defining and determinate
And a great diversity

Cold blooded thought therefore
To be
Quite dead it seems emotionally
The consensus pain as well
Is not
felt like us
We miss the plot
In many ways as humans we
Misinterpret what we see
We are all brainwashed in a way
Disabled really by the way

We look at things
And its our undoing
With Pain and fear
What we are viewing
Is the vigour and the activity
The aggressiveness
And vitality
We are influenced by the potency
And our vulnerability
The Shark is a fascinating soul
In the oceans wide a leading role

Movement kinetic energy
Man and sharks conflict they be
Often in each others way
And come into contact which does play
Heavily on the human mind
Fishing and hunting underlined
Misidentification comes in play
And Shark attacks sadly stay
In our thoughts and negatively
May waylay
Our consciousness somewhat
More so today

Shark fin bans now need to be
Put in place and stringently
Millions are dying
Netted and hacked
It cannot be
Allowed any longer
Predation alas
Is being obstructed
The balance en masse

The Chinese soup
Really has to go
Its just tasteless gloop
Dried sharks fins we know
The catching and killing
Its so overdone
And the sharks they are suffering
The web is spun

Within thirty years
Sharks will be extinct
Gone from the world
And its clearly linked
To man and his insatiable
Killing and we
Now cannot allow this
We must save the sea

Sea Save Foundation
Are out there and they
Are making a difference
Making their play
On the terrible consequences
We create
With our solecism
The untenable rate
Our narrow-mindedness
And point of view
Is hurting the species
What the clueless do

Is aid the destruction
The planet now reels
The disequilibrium
Really it feels
Close to the heart
To our very sinew
So much tunnel vision
What we have to do
Is think kindly always
The sharks have their place
Godly and gifted
With honour and grace
Our edification
From sharing the space

Sea Save Foundation Thank you

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