Englands green and pleasant land

Whats happening to England
To its green and precious land
The developers Are coming
And so much of what is planned
Are of mindless construction
Sameness everywhere
Monotony and dullness
No one seems to care
About our greenfield beauty spots
The uninspiring way
Of throwing up these new estates
Look around today
Forest fields and wildness
Sacrificed it seems
For the developers to develop
And guarantee their dreams
Of yachts and mansions far away
Whilst here in England we
See greenbelts exploding
In a depressing soulless sea
Of the same old bricks
The same old tiles
Seconds if you will
Landscaping all much the same
Closer and closer still
These rumbling states of mindlessness
The tenancy will drive
People mad the closeness
Just Trying to survive
In England now and anywhere
It really is a pain
All god gave us the environment
down the proverbial drain

Councils get their planning fees
Developers don’t care
Chop up all the green and precious land
Some were aware
But Most just see their money
Going in the bank
Or investments made with Amazon
And nobody to thank
Its all about commission
And profits for those who
Tear up the English Countryside
And blame it onto you

At this rate all our country walks
The hills the dales the streams
They will all be covered over
For the unvaccinated, dreams
Of yesteryear before the fear
Was injected everywhere
The masks the social distancing
And the, total despair
And passports to shop
And if we are lucky, to eat
Otherwise its under house arrest
For the vaccinated elite
Well they are all masked and ready
To live in their mindless estate
Driving their electric vehicle
And not really feeling so great
The sky full of chem trails
The variants coming
From illuminati and where
This is the future
Cashless for certain
The shops are all shut
And the air

Trying to breathe
With the masks on
The sanitisers don’t forget
Pesticide rub them in
Suffering, the world is set
Fine to reduce birth rates further
Sperm counts are falling like rain
Women are losing their fertility
And nobody sees how insane

It is out there
Green fields and wild flowers
And foxes and badgers and moles
Chalk streams and wild fish
And insects, and so many wonderful souls
Long gone the South East the South West
Concreted over all GONE
Our DNA genetically altered
Yes it was all one big CON

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