Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill
and Nis daughter in his lap
A photo for the album
Dressed up to kill this sap
This obstacle to knowledge
Half baked and out of touch
Unscholarly and backward
Who does not conjure much
In the way of inspiration
Exposing his child to this
Murder of a wild wild wolf
Who lives a life of bliss

A truly Lex predator
A pack animal supreme
Born to make his difference
In wildness terms the cream
Of the predatory angels
of Idaho the place
A bloodied snout
What’s it about
The only ugly face

In the picture facing us
A bonehead let me say
He feels he is the big man
For the wolf Of course does lay
Looking up to the heavens
With its dead cold eyes
That’s child will look back later
And then she will realise

How cold and unintelligent
Her father really was
Really a proper dullard
And that was just because
The wolf was so important
And killing it for fun
Shooting it and finishing it
Whilst it was on the run

Full of expectation
It’s family running too
All its cubs in training
And what the bullets do
Was ended his incarnation
Stopped him in his tracks
He knew it was his end game
When he felt those last two whacks

Untruths he fed his youngster
Made out his was king
Of course he exaggerated
Trying hard to bring
His violence to a conclusion
This big bad wolf was dead
All the hype and overkill
Clearly he put to bed

Really ALL lives matter
All creatures great and small
The gods performed their miracles
And they answered their call
They live where they were put
To serve and create the countryside
And it’s the hunters that ignorantly
Blow the dream so wide

The vigour and the forcefulness
The partner she would be
Beside herself as would the kids
And now upon his knee
His daughter she would always
Remember the last hour
When daddy fired his rifle
Using his might and power

And as she grows up one day
She will look Again
And see the face of agony
And share the great wolfs pain
And possibly remember her father
In the poorest light
Who took her to the battle
And then turned off the light

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