Hunter man I am no fan

Contempt for really beautiful birds
A wreathed hornbill who
Flits about the forest
Doing what Hornbills do
His snooty bragging attitude
A Typical hunter who
Goes into another’s place
And decides to shoot him through
Unworthy of any title
Despised by the likes of me
A paltry little specimen
Just blown off a tree
He had a low opinion
Of an endangered soul
Decked out in lovely plumage
Just pooh poohed it’s role

Pink shirt red pants green boots
Trying to make out he
Is as beautiful as the bird he shot
A trifling disgusting identity
Proud to be a hunter
His exploits and he tells all
He draws attention to himself
And thinks he’s on the ball
An opinionated arse ole
With his smattering of knowledge
He didn’t know the tree
Held a rare and endangered soul
He saw it and he fired
He didn’t know his chalk from his cheese
Definitely inspired

And now that he’s been bragging
Putting it about
He is the big brave hunter
The warrior with clout
The cops have gone and busted him
A big fine and some jail
3-5 years it’s should be ten
His crime beyond the pale.

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