A special note to mummy

I’ve been really poorly
And my mum has nursed me
She’s my saviour and my God
Well actually my goddess
I know I have been a rod
For her poor back
Don’t mean to be
That wound under my tail
Really gave me lots of gip
But Sue can never fail

Really she’s pure minded
Her reverence for me
She shares my pain
She does it with a lot
Of chivalry
The milk of human kindness
She keeps It in a churn
She is bounteous and bountiful
And My feline heart does burn
For my dearest mother
She’s an angel, that I know
She pampers and caresses
And leaves me all aglow

It’s good I am getter better
But I am sorry I put her though
The sleepless nights
And the terror of losing me
The lights
Might have gone out
For Sue she is my flame
No matter how much she does for me
Her demeanour is the same

I love you mummy

From Felix x

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