Loving life

Life the gift of being
Of hearing and of seeing
Of feeling and revealing
Of hoping and not fleeing
Carefree joy and knowing
That you will just be growing
In a lovely homely pen
A grassy airy splendid den

Euphoric and amazing
Congenial and raising
A family to be proud of
humour disposition
A lovely situation
For any kind of mission

Instead it’s too the slaughterhouse
A death camp so to say
An end to all the harmony
Wished for everyday
Perhaps escape is possible
As assessment leads me to
Jump over this barrier and leg it
As you do

Down the street like crazy
The blood and guts for me
I have never felt connected
My collaterality
Just a kinship with my family
To really romp and play
Why is this world so different
Lockdown is no way

To treat the wilder spirit
Creative and enthralled
By all that Nature offer me
How great that I was schooled
In ways of finding freedom
The infinity of space
An alliance with another
Somewhere we call our base

Hating separation
Expulsion or boycott
I don’t like that a lot
Bonding with another
A soul mate so to say
Sharing all the magic
That brightens up our day

Long lasting and enduring
An ever flowing stream
Of consciousness and constancy
And able to dream
Of adventure Every morning
As the clock crows I’ll be there
Breathing in the flowery scent
Which everyone can share.

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