When we travel We unravel
Others and their ways
Different to the folks back home
For understanding pays
Dividends existence
The spirit and the soul
The vital force
All essential
To the knowledge, We extol

Survivable in other lands
Enlivened let us say
Developing our reanimation
all along the way
To preface Alexandra fondly
When I write
A teacher and a carer
That comes with her Pure light

A gentleness and thoughtfulness
Perceptive and alive
Who excites and who impresses
Keenly she does strive
Just helping and pursuing
And understanding, she
resonates with others
It’s where she needs to be

She is upbeat and able
To dance the night away
The true art of flamenco
Her passion wins the day
Exuding positivity
that’s her calling
Attracting and exacting the energy
Of the Bard

A thoroughly modern women
With an impact all can feel
She takes time to work an allotment
And can conjure up a meal
3 plum trees and a wealth of green
A field of vision, she
Loves her parents
And loves the world around her

Teaches Shasha Yoga
a discipline of sorts
The capacity, the insights
Her genius retorts
Perfundity and retrospection
An ethic one can feel
Meditative and attentive
With so much natural appeal

A Cancerian with a tough old shell
And a family to adore
And “Roody” who’s attentive
All the way from Labrador
Half Labrador half poodle
He loves strudel and canoodle
She loves to work with children
A practitioner who shares
All that reading all that study
And of course she fares

Well, in that department
Attentive to the needs
Her scruples and her attentiveness
Painstakingly concedes
For the others maybe wanting
It’s her order of each day
A perfectionist
Of spirit
Watchful in every way

The sort of friend
Most of us dream about
That’s Alexandra to a tee
And to have a chance to put
That into words
Convinces me
At the fourth sign of the zodiac
Her Home and her family
Where all her world she has unfurled
Ruled by the moon she be

A friend for life
And what a life
Practical and strong
She has that in built confidence
A free spirit who does belong
Exactly where we see her
With her qualifications too
Reliable, a sureness
In whatever she wants to do

2 comments on “Alexandra

  1. tracey lewis on said:

    Yet another outstanding poem. You’re amazing.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Do you think so just mirroring you my dear friend Tracey I hope she likes it it’s slightly different format to the others x

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