Life being geared solely around profitability

Existence when tied into profit
And commerce
Sees realness and basics
And enduring scenes
Processes back up as The Covid
Clogs up the cogs and essentially we
See a shut down in plants
As staff catch the virus
Whole killing lines stop
And stagnation does cause
A palpable reason
To wipe out vast numbers
And less and less slaughtering
As the great pause

Happens the interconnections
Are present
They interdepend and chaos ensues
Millions of animals are always moving
From farm to their deaths
To the shops so to lose
The interrelation the reciprocity
Causes great bottlenecks
And a vast need
To depopulate for chickens
And piglets
Whole farms face the prospect
For death to succeed

And methods of killing
The featureless calm
Throwbacks to the nazi’s
Yes wholesale harm
Ventilation shut down
Where thousands must die
As a great foam layer
With no where to fly
A Mass produced pool
Vast killing stations
There can be no back up
When Chickens are bred
Maximum 47 days
That’s the programme
So take out the lot Of them
It has been said

Outrageous methods
Knowing no bounds
Unconscionably threatens
Abominably pounds
The chain And the shackle
The yoke and the hoop
The anatomization
The mouldering whoop
As bedLam and chaos
An inferno of life
Fear in a lawless and turbulent

A great assemblage
Of fear provoked souls
Angels in waiting
Shedloads of trolls
Short lived and fleeting
Riddled with panic
And debility
Diminished deflated
Drained and disarmed
Neutralised suddenly
And now embalmed

In a stench of reluctance
A water based foam
That cuts off their airwaves
Disabled they comb
The litter
Puny and lost
Languishing feebly
At a great cost

Frightened they be
It’s no way to die
No one wants to see
Such battlefield slaughter
Sallow and wan
What is the undoing
And how it began

A smothering cloud
Levelling razing
An abominable shroud
A consuming mass
Engulfs all around
The great feathered army
Is now heaven bound

And it’s corvid related
Or that’s what they say
The lockdown the distancing
And now we pay
It’s corvid related
The old and the young
Will enter their graves
As the death knell is rung

The iconoclast luddites
Their grim visaged war
The ramifications
What was all this for
So much Agitation
And so many lies
A slaying blood letting
And millions of eyes
The quizzlings were many
Supremacist stress
The cabal wanted everything
And such a mess

We all have been left with
The violence abroad
So many lives lost
Who can afford
The tears and the sorrow
Corvid 19
A Bio weapon
If ever there has been

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