Dolphins the most intelligent

The dolphins have intelligence
More so than the Japanese
Who abuse them
In huge numbers
The target figures squeeze
Banging boats and a driven pods
Hand harpooning too
The porpoise and the bottle nose
Suffer yes they do

The Japanese are really hard to animals
The methods used are cruel in the extreme
Butt-ugly hideosity apparent
The vulgarity displAyed
would make you scream
The bottle nosed and the porpoises
Social souls are they
Great loyalty and kindness to each other
But they pay

Terribly the crassness the grossness
That one sees
Bloody boorish ruffians
who ply the Salty seas
Philistines in waiting
Wretched Wounds inflicted
And pulled aboard still screaming
They all seem so addicted

To cruelty and to hatred
Piles of techno fear
We see their reign of terror
That much is very clear
Dolphins are so clever
Their courage on a high
Galahad’s of the ocean
And Why is it so many die

They are inquisitive
And playful
And full of fun and joy
They hunt in groups
All sharing
Underneath the sun
Irreverence with Nature
Is shown by one and all
They chase the boats
So sensitive
They hear every call

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