Dolphinarium and SEAWORLD

An Orca’s need
is space the sea the oceans
A living world
Captivity in a concrete pool
Really to be hurled
In this artificial Nightmare
No depth no mileage There
A filthy vile intensity
And a growing despair

The so called trainers
In what SEAWORLD do
The Profit making uncaring
They create a view
A harshness and a painfulness
Hardship everyday
Dead iced fish and chemicals
A Malignity in sway

All of us share heartaches
Our skin burns the chlorine
GetS in our eyes under our skin
It really is a sin
The angst and anguish
They create
The dead world of the pool
It’s disconcerting to listen
To the lies that Over rule

The innocence and splendour
Of ocean life the sea
The myriad of other life
It’s where we need to be
The flourish of the freedom
And now captivity
The gloom the doom the wretchedness
The insensibility

SEA WORLD tell lies constantly
Talk up education they
Their only wish it to profiting
Our lives and captivity
We are all in lockdown
The pressure on us all
It affects our mental state
Though they tell you we are cool

With living in this prison
This controlled atmosphere
No living plants no animals
Just a sterile stench of fear
Our passions and our feelings
Wrenched out of us each day
Our mentality and heredity
Destroyed by the dismay

The parsimonious Attitude
Tight-fistedness they use
Our food it’s all dead frozen
Really they abuse
Us every single moment
Of every single day
They are miserly and grudging
The show has to go on
and we become the puppets
Even when you are gone

That’s when they take advantage
And what happened the other day
The chlorine pumps malfunctioned
So all night it found it’s way
Into our pool hour after hour
And nobody around to see
all tucked up in their duvets
Whilst we suffered terribly

They are all complicit
Every single one
Our eyes were closed
Our skin was sore
What in fact it had done
Was chemically burn our bodies
Down many layers we
Suffered angst and terror
And we couldn’t see

For three days we were blinded
Feeding us they pressed
The ice cold fish against our heads
They were so obsessed
With feeding us
Our agony of course they wouldn’t share
We all suffered remarkably
Just for being there

Gulping in that water
Affected our insides
Our eyes were burned
Our outer skin
Really it concerned
Us the soreness everywhere
But Seaworld what did they do
Shit themselves for a few days
Clueless it was true

We lost layers of skin we did
It peeling off and we were
Very sore and uncomfortable
We had been in a war
Our eyes were red and bleeding
The soreness every hour
Our chagrin and our fretting
We all had lost our power

Clearly weakened by it all
In desolation we
Wanted to get out of here
And go back to the sea
But had to just be left here
Enduring it the pain
The annoyance and the botheration
It was awfully plain

God given protective mucous
Did save our poor eyes
From what was long term damage
We all suffered though
and the lies
were rolled out
By the trainers
Profit based of course
The discomfort and the bother
It really was a force

We retain a feel bad factor
Cheesed off every day
Living in captivity
Our freedom torn away
Disgruntled really hacked off
Resisting in every way
And having to swim in chemicals
And look the other way

And not a crumb of comfort
No break in the blue
Just locked down and sworn at
We have nothing to do
But swim around in circles
Our rumble in the sun
When the day is done

Oppression of the spirit
The doldrums everywhere
Why we have long faces
Because of the despair
There really is no let up
No elation to adore
Just blubbering lamentation
And ululation from next door

Nothing to amuse us
No excursions any day
We all go into mourning
And express that and we lay
Heavily with our mental state
The tediousness is here
Blue walls dirty water
And fear piled onto fear

If you are a human being
And Support this dreadful crew
And come along and oggle at us
As you choose to do
Can you feel our sadness
Can you hear us cry
It’s not education
It’s profit by and by

Prisoners forever
Locked up for evermore
All of us in nervous states
SEAWORLD breaks the law
It’s hideous to be here
Graceless to be sure
We possess and forbidding countenance
What is it all for?

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