Phajaan breaking the babies spirit

Sociably dependent
On the Matriarch and we
See the vile dark mahouts
Who sink deliberately
Into vile persuasion
Into wickedness
Tied up sinews bursting
Undergoing stress

And these sickly babies
Needing love and care
And receiving the enormity
Of iniquitous despair
Restrained And really hurting
Flagrant The disparity
The injustice and unfairness
Where is the ethicality

Unfitting and improper
A total lack of pity
Heartless persecution
The mahouts they are shitty
Rigorous and intolerant
Ruthless to a tee
Every joint is aching
and there is no sympathy

For an infant this is something
That’s ominous and wrong
All their inherent memory
Tells them it is wrong
Chained up scuffing all their legs
Suffering each day
It’s about breaking their spirit
In the most callous of way

The evil eye is everywhere
Not a friend in sight
Expletives screamed into their ears
Misanthropic never right
Around the scowling faces
No water in the heat
Bull hooks being smashed into their rump
That does unseat

The soul The very gloriousness
That they were born to know
The rancour and the soreness
That seemingly does grow
The smouldering resentment
And revengefulness They feel
But in these savage bonds
It’s only anger they reveal

After a week of torture
No food to speak of, they
Retain the very memory
That will never fade away
Every mahout who was cruel to them.
One day will regret
It could be a decade
But they will repay that debt

It’s a grudge that stays forever
The face they won’t forget
Really it’s an open breach
And the anger will be set
There will come a time
When his arrogance will rise
And the memory of the cruelty
May just be his demise

Elephants are wary
They are sassy and they are strong
They possess that humble spirit
Unprotesting all along
Noble of distinction
The lineage is there
The coldness and indifference
Will resurface they will share

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