Every working elephant

Dishonesty Apparent
And insincerity
Elephants are subjected to
The most shabby villainy
Treachery and betrayal
To a Disingenuous Degree
Torture as unchivalrous
As torture can ever be

From those who have no morals
Who lead their life of crime
Who double cross and prevaricate
They do this all the time
They break the heart of the Elephants
They seed into their soul
Despite their enormous spirit
The questionable costrol

Is heaved upon their shoulders
Their characters as bad
Aiding and abetting
It makes me wholly sad
To see the great beasts crying
Aching from the heart
Lamenting even dying
Erring from the start

Mahouts who should know better
But who cripple with their canes
Bull hooks wound and lacerate
Terribly heavy chains
Unclean unwholesome vagabonds
Watch as Legs and feet
Are scuffed and roughed up badly
In the extreme heat

A broken heart is evident
Massively we feel
They want to just lay down and die
Their sad eyes just reveal
A longing and a pity
Felons everywhere
Ruffians and miscreants
Increase the despair

Chastised with such ignorance
castigated too
flagellation every day
For honestly now who
are these banished Rotters
Blacklisted maybe so
But able still to punish
Everywhere they go

The largest of land animals
With strength enough to kill
Any mahout going but laboriously they still
Find Patience and Just take on
The transgression anyway
Perhaps they know the end is near
And aggressively they pay
When they ever retaliate
That’s when the bullets fly
That’s when the lights go out of course
Ravished from on high

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