Megamouth rare sharks

It is clear to me that all the sharks
That have been caught so far
Have been whisked off to a restaurant
Seemingly they are
Therefore on the menu
Rare deep water sharks
Filter feeding specimens
Irreverence now marks
What is contempt of nature
By catch maybe so
But clearly this same fishing boat
Is searching that I know
If it’s rare it’s arrogance
And ignorance for they
Are exacting a premium
For the fishermen each day
To have caught four of these rare sharks
It clearly seems to be
They are after hunting for them
And The government should see
That these fish should be banned
Not eaten being extremely rare
Taiwan is gifted these fish
And must be more aware

It’s a failure of the government
And the police force who
Should pass more stringent laws
And stop this killing spree
It’s true
They are found as by catch in
Seine and gill nets we
As human beings should be sensitive
To what is a raritY

Fine them even a prison term
Censure them right away
And as for the restaurant eating them
Really make them pay
Shame them force them out of business
It’s dishonesty
And if this continues to happen
It’s Complete duplicity

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