Regan Russell “Black lives matter”

Courage of one’s convictions
The audaciousness of now
a women who believed
And who achieved
Really now how
Anyone can reasonably
Pass a law that states
That We may transport pigs
From farm to The slaughterhouse
With no true care
No Fresh water
With fear upper most
In their minds
She was sure
The need was for
To actually draw fresh lines

FEARMANS PARK a slaughterhouse
Facility where they
Would have been feeling thirsty
In what was a very hot day
Pigs do not have sweat glands
Their need is to be cool
So bunched together in a truck
For me does break a rule

Of duty of care for animals
Going there to die
Begrudging them some water
Puts compassion at a high
And Regan as an activist
A caring thoughtful soul
Prepared to offer water
It was an angels role

As activists on front line duty
We are often at a point
The need the screams we hear them
And feel we must annoint
Give some of them empathy
A little bit of care
Death is of course final
So it helps when we are aware

The recent ag gag bill just passed
Is an “evil” her words, she
Felt this deep inside her heart
And was on Patrol to see
The victims, hear their feelings
their hot breaths on her hand
Regan took it on herself
To try and understand

A looming truck packed full
Of Pigs
A wagon full of fear
The dread and awe is omnipresent
That is surely clear
Misgivings, we have many
Mistrust and disquiet
You feel your own hands shivering
It’s Happening in plain sight

She gave her life, regrettably
Toronto Pig Save was
Something she was sincere about
And that was just because
In this day and age
Farm animals get an awful time
And at her age she knew more so than most
That it is a crime

She was resolute a heroine
The bravest of the brave
Unbowed by laws and stringency
She just wanted to save
Pigs, she felt their agony
She became close to their need
Spirited and daring
She just had To succeed

Many lives were lost that day
And Regan lost hers too
Animal Rights Are important
The abuse we put them through
Really is appalling
And Regan felt that strife
She was there, an angel if you like
And gave her life

To a cause that some may frown Upon
The consumers of roast pork
But Regan stood there purposefully
And watched them like a Hawk
She gave them time and commitment
She admired them from the off
Packed tightly together
With nothing in their trough

My heart goes out to activists
Fighting everywhere
Every cause in all weathers
They share so much despair
They know the vain and suffering
The torture they are put through
And are willing to lay their own lives down
Doing what they need to do.


Dear lady Your precious life

Took you to the highest level of empathy
And we shall never forget you

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