The solitary

They know about oneness
Their whole integration
A singular solitary
mapped out isolation
Up against villainy
Mindless persuasion
And exasperation
The Leopard a climber
A mastery really
So level headed
Farsighted and clear
Quick witted and nimble
The judgement of Job
His camouflage true
Decked out in his robe

Faces the psychotic ignorant
Rich off the backs
Of the workers at heel
A sociopath
Two faced and shifty
Mendaciously earning
A pathological liar
That can not reveal
He lives with his dupery
It’s all wheeler dealing
Money is everything
All on the side
Every dirty trick
He can think up
He does that
A constant pursuer
Waiting to ambush
The solitary doer
Who wanted to hide

And so here before us
A heftY deportment
He carries a dead leopard
Ambushed with grief
After this trophy
To take back to show folk
Abandons his morals
And sidesteps belief
The low of the low
With their puffery rampant
Worthless and pathetic
Vile to a tee
Tearing into the gifted
The flawless of nature
The virtue and worth
For where else would they be

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