Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating
From those visitors who feel
Its just right to watch the captive
Orcas and Dolphins with your meal
Beluga’s sea lions all who dream
Of wildness and their thing
And are forced to be the entertainment
Its a bit like living bling

Prisoners in limbo
Their innocence we’ve stole
In some ways we are declining
Endangering their soul
Unescorted unsupported
In a whirlpool so to say
A transaction in reaction
Every hour of every day

For us its our adversity
Our privilege no more
Restricted cramped and hampered
In custody for sure
Watched by all and sundry
Our mental state on show
Some appear enchanted
Relieved to watch the flow

Sitting eating animals
Elation at their core
We are the amusement
The diversion and whats more
They revel in our sadness
The tediousness that we
Suffer being gawped at
In our weird monotony

For us its artificial
Prosaic and banal
The chemicals disturbing
Plays havoc with morale
Many a forbidding countenance,
Staring at us, we
Note the fading beauty
And the hideosity

Its inelegant and boorish
No other life to share
Just a lot of painted surfaces
Human beings arn’t aware
They imagine in our faces
We are joyous perhaps we smile
Our insouciance they miss that
And really how they rile

Creating such irreverence
As outcasts we are sad
Being here is demeaning
Humiliated add
That to all the arrogance
What is their tyranny
We become performers
With a shameless blatancy

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