Wolf Baiting in Kyrgyzstan where man becomes the inveterate monster

The ignorance of man
Can be cruel and ghastly
An arrogance of species
Wolves and dogs are
Godly souls
Both from the family
This lack of understanding
draws down lines

On a woeful track
And so wolf baiting
Hunting dogs and wolves
Baiting them means
tying them to poles
And forcing bits
Right Down their throats
Is evil
Thats exactly where it sits

victimising wolves
It Is ungodly
And it becomes
To see
Two wrongs is never right
The Taigan likes to fight
But abusing wolves
Is wrong and it shouldn’t be

If wolves cannot protect themselves
The Taigan cannot discern
Neither can the Falcon or the eagle
My concern
Is man the inveterate monster
A miscreant indeed
Changing The balance of Nature
Just where does that lead

To persecute the wild wolf
The Apex Predator
And so allow a hunting dog
To kill what is that for
Nothing to do with hunting
Its really to do
With man unkind and his sickness
And his ignorance
A view
that is causing an imbalance
A hurt a huge divide
The bad blood and the rancour
It must not be denied
Its truthfully and wholly evil
And men must change for they
Are causing woes to fester
Where everyone will pay

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