Tigers being poached near Nagpur

Low flat topped hills and
Table lands
Streams and rivers
The black soils
During lockdowns what we see
Is poaching a true tragedy

Tigers several murdered
For their skins their teeth and meat
And Their paws too happening often
The many deaths unseat
The local people somewhat
Dead tigers found where they
Had snare marks on their necks and bodies
A really brutal way

Of slaughtering these champions
Many females who
Were carrying babies
So the rotten sods who slew
The mothers clearly arrogant
And hopelessly insane
Cruel and wretched profiteering
Rogues who are a stain

On India and the area
Illicit tree felling too
And smuggling sand
And bush meat
Its the spoils
Its what they do

Low life needing
A long stint
in a jail
Really hit them
where it hurts
For their crime
is beyond the pale

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