Bit coin

A call came in from
Just who could that be
I got thrown off a trAin once there
Too much energy
But this mans name was Steven
No PH just a V
Who passed me onto Jason
Who lost his cool with me

We went through the I pad Pro
And onto the I phone
Jason got frustrated
He was not slone
Half of Copehagen
Apparently was too
All this Crypto magic
Had suddenly come true

Binance Finance
Little men symbols all the way
Verification codes and Chrome
Really it Is no way
to start the day
My driving license
A Selfie
And a caveman with a phone
I could feel the frustration
And I was not alone
Passwords complications
The office clearly was
Very very busy
With student thats because
Then I met dear Annie Miller
And she said
She would get me through this
And I must say I was led
To believe whatever money
Was now coming to me
It would reach my bank account
And my wallet rapidly

She was very amiable
And clearly knew her stuff
We went through all the
Keying in
My ear was hot enough
Finally we apparently
Were on course and they
But, at the last minute
They stopped it anyway

by that time the frustration
I just could not go on
A selfie with my license
It just feot like a con
My fingers they were swelling
I really couldn’t cope
It just seemed so difficult
I began to lose all hope

Simplex codes and new devices
My payment was declined
Built my hopes up
Tore them hither
Crypto assets wind
The lowest ever trading fees
Bank Transfers and some more
And It didn’t feel that seemless
On that busy trading floor .

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