Jane she knows she sees she feels

An undercover investigator

seeing things that eyes

should never ever contemplate

to deviate a rise

a bleaker picture now we have got

what man will do to his chosen few

the pigs, the bars,  the dark

Their  eyes do see

their motley crew


Of  extremes they share with me

affection for the dominated

all knowing how they be

feeling pain taking  the strain

of all this infamy

concrete is their prison

evil is each man

Animal Equality

And how it  all began


an industry of diabolo

of evil through and through

What goes on behind closed doors

is nbelievably true

they get their solid beating

they scream

for all their worth

they are the conquered tortured souls

and many sows give birth


to litters in a blood soaked world

of destruction, death and pain

being beaten with a hammer

heads torn off

so much disdain

this tortured being inflicted

a baby sees it all

a mother tries to kiss away

against a blood soaked  wall


the ugliest wrongheadedness

the culpability

the wickedness of man at work

His criminality

a mischief and a outrage

where justice is denied

those of you  buying your pork

and your bacon

all have lied


its such discrimination

its unfeeling that they  belong

and award these men great accolades

of unpardonable wrong.

set them up as champions

red tractor  and the rest

unfitting and inappropriate

and so much to detest







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