The Chinese are ancient race

how is it they  are fooled

by the BLack  market  gangsters

who seemingly have ruled

their roost,

why is  it ? they are patsies

swindled in a way

rhino horn is KERATIN

our finger nails  today

apparently traditional medicine

Has seemingly got it wrong

and is allowing rotten poachers

to sing their merry song

murdering the Rhinocerus

Africa cries out

more and more are dying

when there isn’t any doubt

the poachers have been duping

the Chinese for some time

they are really the lowest of low

no better than pond slime


i hear the Rhinos screaming

as machetes tear away

often in front of their babies

they bleed and sadly sway

suffering lamentably

for what

there is no cure

For  the Chinese  to be duped

its all kidology today

sophistry  an illusion

the poachers get their way

killing always killing

the buyers mockery

the animals and Africa

ought now to be free







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