The Faroe islands massacre

They talk about tradition

these retards of the isles

throw backs   from vulgarity

Off all  the present dials

evil men and women

who go about their life

ruining the life of pilot whales

with so much strife


whole families

full of joyfulness

Playful  and opportune

grand parents teaching youngsters

what is likely soon

and then the great explosive force

of Islanders their  ire

taken out on angels

Who perish  in their fire


forces of such evil

the flagrant use of  ill

flashing blades heartless souls

getting their  covetous   thrill

from hearing waling  parents

seeing their  children die

heads lopped off

blood everywhere

and all done  on a lie


they  tell   Themselves tradition

Takes over every  time

I really have no  time for  reprehensible

pond  slime.












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