The Corvidea

I really love the Corvidea

intelligent and cute

haughty, a bit arrogant

But awfully astute

described sometimes as rascals

but sinners  they are not

but who are we to ascertain

they are villians  with a plot


To cause us harm

they are wild souls

created by the same

God who created those who call

out their apparent character

who really are to blame


Black and grey and even white

and all of them do sing

their hearts out really day and night

and to their table they do bring


Once sacred to the Germanic tribes

Odin’s chosen souls

in time gone by, the people

realised their roles

exceptionally intelligent

though now accused of ill and woe

a trumped up charge from the ignorant

indicted  as we know


the Corvidae have rectitude

Their  moral fibre high

characters of conscience

who soar up in the sky


equitable and macrobiotic

eating what they can

but  still disregarded widely

by the common man


they really need some justice

watchers of the wild

able to speak our language

so why are they defiled

Socially demanding

as family groups they bond

they play, and  use tools

so many fools

human beings who

could learn a lot

from these wondrous  birds

obligated they

they can solve so many puzzles

They are  with it  everyday


Because they frequent Standing Stones

Historic memories

their ancestral leanings

,clearly they do please

the Corvidae each one of them

is more  equipped to be

living on this planet

Than even you or me.


all seeing and all feeling

so socially aware

we need to love and respect wild souls

show them some love and care

Not  shoot them or nor  poison them

these victims of the wild

who go to the same Heaven

as any human child.













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