Nike and the Australian Governent

Slaughtering the iconic souls

the kangaroo’s we hear

2 million of them shot to death

whilst feeding it is clear

the grey suits are a frustrated  bunch

of scumbags thats for sure

employing ignorant shooters

to really go to war

400,000 joeys thats tiny babies who

end up being decapitated

Australia turns the  screw

And the skin that the great god gave them

is used for cleats, I hear

for Nike for their football boots

ramping up the fear

all the worst intentions

protecting the cattle trade

the sheep lets weep

for Roo’s  all sacrificed

Thats their brand of cheer

for living where their god had placed them

in the outback of despair

Imagine it a miracle

created amazingly

so rif raf can play football

in them and do it so  callously

However  one looks at this

its murder all the my

its protecting the meat trade

Where all animals they slay

it sickens me beyond belief

the inconsideration

the viciousness the spitefulness

How Australia that Nation

can use its mean barbarity

victimise  and abuse

the rancour and the malice

how is that good news




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