His sense of responsibility

His handiness  one feels

his true adaptability

when helping he reveals

a deftness and a prowess

skilful one can say

resourceful and clear thinking

with a betterment thats way

ahead of many others

he lends his expertise

to what is a whole host of jobs

working just to please


Methodical and helpful

unprompted knowing he

is wholly conscientious

and works remarkably

tidily and exactingly

You feel he wants to please

all sorts of jobs Yuri can do

and does it all with ease


ungrudgingly his sense of responsibility

is there

Certainly  very versatile

with an exciting flair

from fixing a new hosepipe

to making a raised bed

to tidying up some bushes

he is clearly led

generous of spirit

responsive to your need

always in good spirits

and he does succeed

cleaning moss from gutters

even mending lights

a real desire to help

There  is nothing he wont do

and a kindly disposition

from his attitude all through








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