Evil doers

The chicken

millions suffering

bred with torture


scoundrel farmers

punks who should no better

who apply

offenders hardened criminals

Brutal everyone

they are shown no mercy

when the day is done


robbing Peter to pay Paul

That is  every day

warped judgement

infringing on their rightx

Really It is  no way


unjustified assumptions

insulting and scoffing they

get cynical and injurious

really its no way

to treat these beautiful creatures

they deserve respect

to have such a low opinion

these captors should be decked


shot at dawn

if you ask me

its aspersions all the way

Horrid vituperation

where the innocent always pay


karmic debt


frighteningly so

Disparaged and so villified

and hurt in  every way


Chickens fed on goodness knows

their bodies cannot stand

everything is speeded up

Creation never fanned

the flames of  these enterprises

Devious and vile

every chicken violated

as if they are on trial



Unversed in such evil

their innocence

On show

their  callow naive bodies

so rapidly they grow

their legs cannot hold them

their breasts  are very weak

they have been tortured

Beaks snipped  wings trimmed

The tumult that we wreak


everyone a wicked deed

our misdoing too

really its arrestable

and shamefaced yes its true

we create their torment

And all of this all through


a true lack of  contrition

Without remorse we do

offer no apologies

the chickens feel it too

how they suffer cramped up cages

dirty water filthy food

rotten stinking shit filled cages

Undisciplined and extremely crude


in contravention of decency

we commit the  felony

we castigate so physically

Cause them stress beyond belief

many die  before their time

suffering from all the brimstone

Thrown at them

in such a flood of evil smelling

awful slime








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