A fine old

Gaelic festival

The Harvest Seasons here

half way between the Summer Solstice

and the Autumn Equinox

its clear

Lughnsadh, Samhain

Imbolc, and  of  course Beltane

the first Gaelic Festival

Hear the Great God Lugh’s refrain

gatherings and contests

Just being aware

visiting the Holy Wells

and feasting whilst

your there

first fruits  sweet red cherries

strawberries and  plums and we

can play our games  at Lammas

at the Roll right  Stones we be

welcoming our Dear Friends

at our open ritual where

We can say good bye to Lockdowns

and all of that despair

With games to play

and exercise

perhaps some bardic prose

a day out in the sunshine

with the mole hills neath our toes


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