Unfair trade thats chocolate

Growing cocoa isn’t easy
Its hard work and the prices paid
By our Multi National Buyers
Make unfair trade
The reality accordingly
Margins seemingly
Are weighted against the growers
Which is why slavery

And why growers are
Disrespected seen as poor
Their actual costs
Buyers ignore
They are treated with disdain
Utter contempt
So much pain
Whilst the chocolate wallers
Basically steal
They humiliate
And then conceal

Their irreverence
Their market share
Their disparagement
Of the growers where
Hard work graft and slavery
Is the only reward
They see

And this power struggle
Has led to seeing
Children working
And to being
Most unfair
The buyers earn
Whilst the growers
They just burn

Poor as church mice
Slaving under a hot sun
Unfitting and vulgar
Its feels to me
There is no money in the pot
To pay adults
They havent got
Sufficient even to clothe and feed
On every level its wrong indeed

Poverty is everywhere
Its a crying shame
Buyers are aware
But it money they are after, they
Want big margins
And will not pay

A fairer price
So slavery
On a huge scale is what we see
Heavy work and dangerous too
Bad stuff its true
Its so unjust
And very wrong
Does not belong

Its criminal
What we now see
Whats happening to humanity
Wrongdoers there are
Plenty there
Zero tolerance
And despair

Can I forgive these bastards who
Take liberties
For thats what they do
See poor children work all day
Where there is danger
And for no pay
Grudgingly unmindful they
Rich corporations walk away

Undeflected about what they do
Wheres the justice
Its overdue
Its a crying shame
That children here
Are given chocolate
But fail to hear

Children in Ghana
And the Ivory Coast
Many die or give up the ghost
Spraying chemicals everywhere
And working in the filthy air
Unfair grade is everywhere
Our wealth their stealth
Nothings fair

Cannot be right
Its a blight
Our bounden duty
Tossed away
No code of honour
On any day

Wilful neglect
And disrespect
Swinging the lead
Why we elect
To under value
To not detect
How much cheating
Is going on
Its larceny
One great big con

Not paying our way
Egoists everywhere
Covetous clowns
Its really sinful
The ups and the downs

Our kids are obese
The chocolatiers too
Bloody great profits
The tax man rich, who
Are we in the West imagining we
Have the right to exploit
Children so terribly

Africas’s reeling
Life there severe
The chocolate industry
It does appear
Sees massive slavery
Families all poor
For we in the WEST
Arn’t prepared to pay more

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