There was a time
When this poor soul
was loved
By someone,
they took him home
and looked after him
That was until
They left him
In the street to roam
Under the hot sun
His bid
To find somewhere
To find someone
In the Western Cape
It can really burn
And outside the violence
It can turn

He was all burnt up
Eyes caked as well
Heaven on earth
Was now his Hell
The iniquitous people
Just left him be
Burnt up and diseased
Such flagrancy

Humans are sinful
In many ways
Graceless worthy of
No praise
This poor hound
Was sick and he
Had been left
So scandalously

He crawled into a box
Not much shade
Burned to a cinder
In it he laid
Gasping for breath
Hoping that he
Might just drift off
The uncertainty

Fallen angels
Found him there
Just One look they saw his despair
Clearly unfed and watered too
His integrity though
Shining through
Wheres this justice in this world
This young fellow
Had been hurled
Out of a car into the street
No water no food
In all this heat

Wrongheadedness clearly a curse
Criminality nothing worse
At the vet he remained calm
Clearly had been in so much harm
But now soft hands and sweet shampoo
Were smothering him
Helping him through

He just felt thought about
And Had found some light
And a place to stay the night
Out of the sun out of the street
With calming voices
And food to eat
Being loved just has to be
The best thing in the world
And he
Found fallen angels
And his gratitude
His love for them
It did exude
Out of every pore
His thankfulness
His love for life
He did confess

Bless the fallen angels
They turned his life around
They painted a new picture
And was glad he had been found

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