A silver spoon in the mouth of those

A silver spoon
in the mouth of those
Who do propose
The reintroduction
of neonicoinoids
Bee killing pesticides
That Good sense avoids

Why on earth
are we prepared
To sacrifice
and not be scared
Of murdering
the precious Bee
Known to suffer

The EU banned it
And we know
in this great world
That Long ago
The world observed
the honey bee
But not so now

For British Sugar
has the power
And our government
proves to us now
Sod the Bees
The industry
Is more important

adds their strength
Clearly going
to great length
To change the minds
of the grey suits who
Take their word
Which we know they do

Sugar Beet
no finer crop
Which is why
it has to stop
These bans are costly
to the trade
As for Bee’s
so if they fade
Even more it makes no odds
The Tories see themselves as Gods

And so the Bee now suffering so
The truest victim
In the flow
Silver Spoon
has spoken and
Many fail to understand
Bee killing is the way to go
You know it makes sense
In the flow

Of knowledge
Dead bees everywhere
Pollination we don’t care
Silver Spoon the NFU
Margins, Profits take the view
There are few prophets anymore
And who gives a damn about
Natural Law

Who cares about
true pollination
Bee colony collapse
The Nation
Greenpeace says
Its so short sighted
And The Bees themselves
Are not delighted

Insect slaves
paid little they
Will die out
And we all will pay

Realisation and mastery
Enlightenment and the Honey Bee
Arrogance is everywhere
And of course so much despair
Misjudgement and gullibility
Its all about profundity
The breadth of mind
How much we make
Whilst polishing off another cake

Twinings,Kingsmill,Allinson, Patak
Jordans,Sunblest,Burgen,Jacksons of Piccadilly
Dorset Cereals, Primark and Meena
Ethical score 3.5

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