Live exports

The impoverishment and exhaustion
Collapse and ruination
895 calves imagine that
The deprivation
On board the Asoprovak
From Christmas all that way
Tossed about in rough seas
Really every day
Feeling absolutely desperate
Fear its like a war
Punishment and torture
Sickly as before
Lesions lacerations
And a whole lot more
Being wholly fearful
That innocence though will
Feel absolutely desperate
With the cramp that starts to chill

Your bones you rankle and you fester
And then the disease
Blue tongue virus a high fever
That isn’t going to ease
Ugly salivation
Face swollen full of pain
Lesions on your aching feet
It just feels insane

These were little babies
And a viral disease
It was caused by midges
And no remedies
Crippling and laming
And the blaming starts
Injury and mischief
And loads of aching parts

Trying to dock but sadly
Refused apparently
The weathers hot
And they cannot
Dock it seems they be
Suffering lamentably
The cargo down as sick
Nobody wants the cargo
Who around would pick
Diseased calves to think of eating
Hazards one and all
Now off Cartagena
Wanting so much to call
Every port refusing
Thats when wickedness
Takes over immorality
Really so much stress

60 days and suffering
No food no water they
Many dead and dyiny
All along the way
Babes and sucklings
Suffering and excessively
Who cares
The shippers haven’t got A clue
Most most saying their prayers
Wheres the judge and jury
Nobody about
Rejected and
all turned aWay
So many now were out

The shippers clearly realise
Turkey turned away
The other ship the Karim Allah
What js there to say
1776 cattle also sick
And an awful lot of them already dead
Who dares to pick
Their way through all this agony
Live shipments are a pain
Coupled with diseases
Voyages are a strain
Animal rights are on the case
Banners everywhere
Screaming just blue murder
And ensuing despair.

When Middle Eastern Ports
Refuse the cargo
Then of course
The animals will suffer
Its tougher
And life force
Leaves them and they
Panic and then wounding is the thing
Live exports they should all be banned
For the arguments they bring

Legalities and suffering
Litigation too
And the castigation
That is guaranteed to do
Bad things to the service
Animal rights again
YES Its, all over facebook
The animals that were slain


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