Taking a life

The miracle of a living life
That spark brought to the fore
Vitality and bio-energy
and a whole lot more
Biological function
Across an allotted span
Part of the vital building blocks
From whence it all began

Imagine this great wonder
In its wild life form
A genuine form regarded
Of what is seen as the norm
What is a prey animal
Allocated space
What is survivability
written on every face

Up against a moron an imbecile
A creep
A hunter or a big girls blouse
A retard in a way
Who wants to murder wild souls
and just throw them Way
A wild deer lost forever
Having been given a life
A sacredness clearheaded
Free of all common strife
That does be
devil many
The rogues and villainy
Who take it on themselves to kill
A creature such as thee

Stabbing and decapitating
the poor deer’s sad head
Sawing on its skin and neck
Until of course it’s dead
Imagine all that agony
It’s eyes meeting the eyes
Of the killer grabbing hard
Who didn’t realise

A thief a violent criminal
Takes the DEER to task
Removes it if it’s ok e on earth
And doesn’t stop to ask
Why it happened to be tHere
and a victim it became
Staring into the killers stare
And not prepared for shame

Jimmy Price was far from nice

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