Ecuador and gold fever

The Shuar are a proud people
Warriors who
Have always been able
And clearly are true
To their culture
Their history
And they now see
Their environment

The jungles are dense
An emerald flush
Trees every which way
A great spirit rush
“By the strength of the spear”
So says Domingo Ankwash
We shall fight off the enemy
Their heads we shall squash

Once shrunken head merchants
From the old days
Facing the squalor
A mining phase
Gold and some copper
Under the ground
And the the Chinese are after it
Some has been found

The Indigenous peoples
Of this neighbourhood
Are so very clear
Don’t be misunderstood
Warriors yes and they will fight
To the last man
Everyone will
If the miners come forth
Their blood they will spill.

Ecuador sadly in Correa’s time
Got a vast loan from China
Eleven billion that rhyme
Was good when it happened
But now China needs
Payback in gold
And the message it bleeds

They clearly love
Where they live and they should
Its a beautiful area
Wholesome and good
Their ancestral shaman
Their medicine’s there
All of their footprints
Have always been where

The mountains storm upwards
The jungle alive
The rivers of white water
Help them survive
The Shuar are a people
As proud as can be
Who will not give up
Well not easily

Mirador and the bankers
Are backing it all
They sit on a fortune
And beg its the rule
Of foot at the moment
China needs gold
The gold digger hunters
On riches are sold

Its a battle of wills
Its a hell of shot
The jungles are greener
The place hits a spot
Its untouched its unspoiled
All-embracing and sure
Harmony truthfully who dares ignore

I have walked their fair land
Peered into the green
Wet from the waterfalls
My eyes have seen
The wonder the smell of the
Mosses and vine
To tear this all down
I mean its divine
Its dreamland on earth
Its heaven its true
It has to be saved
Thats also my view

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