Tarkine 4

The Tarkine
Its bigger than Sydney
A wealth of a wilderness where
Life we know about lockdowns
And the realization thats there
What its like to just be out in Nature
In The light and the colours we see
The ground under foot
Each breath that we take
Is real, look and feel every tree
Every inch is alive and its throbbing
With animals insects and birds
Tangible phenomenal creatures
Take a breath
And think of the words
The spirit the backbone and marrow
The ethos the cast and the hue
Kinship it really surrounds us
The connection its with all of you
Etched on mankind all the life forms
Parallel journeys to where
Deep in the forest brackets they cling
To great trunks and boughs now laid bare
A great world of difference before us
Sea Eagles bonny witH flight
All sorts of Parrots
And birds on the wing
Original works of fine art that can sing

Individuality its everywhere
Industrious ants they amass
And they share
Fungi and mosses leaf cutting skills
Running down branches they give me the chills
So many life forms absorbed in it all
In their integrity each one on call
Great coastal inlets sand dunes piled high
The Southern Ocean descends from on high
Pounding the sands ever finer each day
And kicking up froth in a massive display

Ancestral people lived here before
They,hunter gatherers
Knowing what for
A state of order
And harmony
their primary reason
Protection and care
Respect of surroundings
And everything there
The Tarkine is massive
Its permanence means
An absence of change
To uphold and maintain
To renew and recycle
Its all in our face
Its been there forever
And what a disgrace
miners certainly
To ditch the soul
To get in and tear down
The trees
An arse ole
Thinks with their bottom
Cares nothing for soul
Just printing money
So out of control

A death knell strikes hard
A vast tailings dam
Polluting the rivers
Lie a battering ram
and the cranes and the saws
And the dump trucks they will
Really destroy all the
Godly goodwill

An absence of form
Chaos will come
Mutations distortion
Whose banging the drum
Whose causing destruction
Who blackens the sky
Deadens the water
That once did flow by

sludge heaps of harshness
A great blotch on a map
Collateral damage
Nothing comes back
Life is cut down a peg
Death stands to climb
Back the great Leveller
Yes for all time

The girls and boys protest
Their voices ring loud
In the graves of ancestors
Many a shroud
Lifts in the dead of night
Screaming is heard
Blood letting dire warnings
Hang on every word.


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