The magnificent Andes
Marvels of time
Snow topped and hopeful
That someone may climb
Known as New World Vultures
Sadly you see
Its the quechua respect
As to how we fly free
We are the Condors ten feet of wing span
We fly
Over valleys that is our plan
Soar on the wind over waterfalls high
And eat poisoned carrion
And many die
Not only the carcass but used
Lead you see
And various pesticides
Awful they be
The ignorant hunters
Tone deaf and daft
Septic and pongy
They have a raft
Of evil around them
Squalid they be
We do what God told us
As raptors stay free

To clean up the Andes
The death that does lie
With our clean bill of health
We shall always try
But the hunters about
And the ignorant too
Spray all sorts of shit
Up into the blue
The quechua’s respect
We have it for they
Love Nature and all that’s
Around us today
Thoughtful and intelligent
Thats who they are
But alas their are others
Who can never star
In the dramatic wilderness
What do they know
Shoot us and hunt us
The low of the low
They call us scavengers
Most no respect
We are mighty Condors
On that best reflect

Debasing Gods great work
Exhausting our power
Spoiling the countryside
I ask thee how
Your adulteration
And trauma abroad
Such crippling injuries
Who can afford
Collateral damage
Thats no excuse
The Andes majestically
Feel the abuse
We are the sentinels
Up in the sky
Putrefaction and mouldiness
It Sadly is high

Come fly with us people
The patchwork of fields
The marvellous valleys
That our great eye yields
The volcanic splendour
Great throats of fire
Rape and defilement
The reason is dire
Perhaps 7000 of us exist
We are the wanderers
We see through the mist
Heavenly cloud troopers
Flawless are we
Being picked off by hunters
And inexpediency
Its so injudicious
Unseemly and wrong
With our ten feet wingspan
Of course we belong
To melodious spaces
Across vast terrains
Raging white water
We go to great pains

To clean up the areas
Thats what we do
And our just rewards
Are you kill us, its true
Collective imbecility
And idiocy
And very few sages

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