Respect is what we need

The composter
The grower
The healer
The mower
The greenery supper
In real terms
The upper
Soul in the great
Mob that leap off the plain
The carer
The sharer
With so much to gain
Born to the bush lands
Designed for the heat
Soft on the earth
All of great worth

Never end up
As dead flesh or meat
Never be leather
Not born to eat
So much awareness
With eyes that do glow
They have so much reason
And teach with great skill
A native who concentrates
And we know will
Respect our great country
Evidenced by
The expectation
That we can rely
On the Red and the Grey
And all of the Roo’s
Who remain unerring
And very good news

50;000 years
Alongside the Aboriginie
Both given so much
A true guarantee
Of care and attention
Of lateral thought
Of logical sequence
Together their taught
Tohang with the hot clouds
To lick themselves cool
Wonderful mothers
Who take on them all
The miserable shooters
Who turn out at night
Who murder and torture
In the spot light
Wounding so many mothers
And joeys as well
Turning our heaven
Into their hell
The quibbling meat eating scum bags
The glare
They call themselves ranchers
And we must beware
They are just killers
Of cattle and sheep
Any excuse and they force us to weep
Honest and goodness
We must let the Roo’s be
Repect them and love them
And the Aboriginie
Too all need the love
And the truest care
They are out in the bush
And have always been there

Wild as the sand storms
Able and true
They are the guardians
They know what they do
They service the soil
And they service the sky
All knowing and wise
Which my dear ,friends is why

The Roo’s and the Aboriginies
Are wild scholars who
Know how to survive
And to stay true
To themselves
To the earth
To the wildness
And sky
Its respect we must give them
And now you know why.

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