Ise foods Japan

An Olympic Certification
Which I guess tells us a lot
The athletes animal protein
Clearly they care a lot
About how good production is
How Eggs are markedly
Being served up via Ise
At the highest degree

The tragedy is sadly
These chickens in Japan
We cannot say are happy
Though this might once have been the plan
Neglect is rife and awful
Keep the doors closed tight
For few nostrils can operate
Where nothing there is right

The stench it is impossible
To quantify to bear
Its violent and pure bedlam
With Sad victims everywhere
Muddled and chaotic
An uninvented sight
Dreadfully shambolic
No nothing there feels right

A vast aberration
A number crunching mass of feathers
Overwhelm each other we see
A teeming crawling maggot heaven
Disabled paralysed and sore
Gaping wounds many dying
Stretched out bleeding on the floor
Weak and powerless, feeble-minded
An undoing ruination
Wiping out the health and life force
Far removed from gods creation

Barren cages dark and mouldy
Thugs neglect all simple needs
Dirty water broken bodies
Suffocating yes it leads
Down to sombre poorly lit
Gulleys all filled up with shit
A mindless place devoid of joy
Where unsound minds perhaps employ
Such ignorance of life within
Inanity and so much sin

Prolapsed reproductive tissue
Poking through exteriors, they
Suffering the dreadful rigour
Brought upon them everyday
Moving causes breaks and fractures
Everything feels greek to me
Swindling skullduggery
Sharp-practice clearly happening here
Artfulness and jiggery -pokery
Disinformation it is clear

Untruths told that much is easy
Histrionics at a high
A reluctance to offer care
Which is why so many die
Such wickedness is clearly rampant
So many tears and misery
Everywhere you look its distressing
And good food is a scarcity

Lack of planning its improper
The management inept they be
Unkindness spreads throughout the sheds
Look across the writhing sea
Of bloodstained maggot ridden bodies
All the grossness we can see
Spitefulness and wickedness
And of course true cruelty
Soiling mucky rotting lousy
Faecal material everywhere
Feathers all besmirched
And bloody, and nobody around to care

Japan she can indeed be sorry
The lack of hygiene
All can see
Feeding visitors from other countries
Leads to much adversity
Suffering the masses really
Their waking nightmare
Comes and goes
Rotten food and pain and suffering
Lacks affection and it shows

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