Gold fever

The presumption of gold in them hills
Panning fast
A fever is spreading
One that may last
Attracting the miners
The diggers to come
With their chemical clouds
And Boy they have some

Move into the villages
In Ecuador
Where people have lived
For years
And theres more
Take over run riot
And think they have rights
To destroy and employ
And to get into fights

The police and the army
Have tried to flush out
Those desperate men
Who are in no doubt
That theres Gold in them hills
And they want a slice
Of the manifestation
A roll of the dice

That will set them all up
Make them rich make them feel
Many are duped its a fever for real
All their histrionics
Upsets the natives
Who just want to be

Living their lives
Where their ancestors stood
Where they have made their homes
And where everythings good
To have crowds of foreigners
Coming to pan
For gold no one’s sold
On the terrible plan

The landscape around
Is beautiful here
Harmonious elegance
Fresh air and cheer
The feel indisposed
By the gold rabble who
Have really invaded
To do what they do

An obdurate bunch
Perverse and head strong
What they are doing
They feel they are wrong
Destroying the environment
Isnt their care
Enriched on the need
They remain unaware

And so theres a battle
The natives believe
They must stand and fight
They have to achieve
Its important that they
Fight of these people
Drive them away

So in fact its a battle
Of good versus bad
So much dissension
It is very sad
Resistance entrenchment
And retaliation
Both sides feel enriched
Having found their salvation

My heart is with Ecuador
What I now see
Is invaders have come forth
And cannot agree
They have to go
The people’s defence
It is their country
So it makes sense

The gold panning scum bags
They have to go
The government soldiers
Really must show
These so called panners
That they have no right
And in their best interests
They ought to take flight

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