Tarkine 3

This area of wilderness
Of woodlands wetlands we
See and feel its paradise
Its where we want to be
Its beautiful and natural
Great skies and rivers run
Packed with many animals
Who all soak up the sun

I want you to imagine
Where rainbows come and go
Where everything is wonderful
Its truly Natures show
Its soulful and deserving
Its wealth is everywhere
Endowed with natural wonders
And wealth that all can share
I want you to imagine
Its liberality
Bountiful and munificent
Its just the place to see

To breathe in all its beauty
The emotion of the place
The instinct and responsiveness
For what is a glorious space
Everything in abundance
Its exciting to be there
Leaving our cramped cities
And breathing the fresh air

The Tarkine is a masterpiece
Artwork from the Gods
Its taken aeons to animate
And I am now at odds
With sanity and purpose
To see what might become
Of a overly engineered tailings dam
Designed in fact to numb

All the imagination
The aura of this place
The Aboriginie spirit
And all the natural grace
And favour that is apparent
Such rapture from above
The balance its been gifted
All woven with real love

A story book of legend
Someone locked down waits
For evil to come blubbering
To knock down trees
And gates and bull dozers
Are on the cards
To roll into this land
Of bounteous persuasion
Why don’t they understand

These bloody awful mining
Corporations who
Spoil and ruin naturalness
Its what they like to do
Pig ignorant for certain
Destruction at their core
Anything thats living
Smash it to the floor

The ugliness is brilliant
Stumps and bumps and pain
Victims lying everywhere
This feels just insane
To take a wondrous area
And turn it into Hell
And dig into its very bowels
Casting the evil spell

Defacement monster dump trucks
Coughing out their lead
The crassness and the badness
Vile thats what I said
Vulgarity and commonness
Its ill mannered and crude
It truly is ridiculous
Watching the toxics spewed

Into sparkling waters
Filled with fish and foe
Frogs and dragon flies and nymphs
Everywhere you go
The tenderness apparent
The mosses everywhere
Possibly the cleanest
And The purest kind of air

This is what we are fighting for
The warriors who care
Who reconnect with ancestors
Who stood for something there
Out there in the wilderness
They put in their time and soul
So as to guarantee the Tarkine magic
And its role

In brightening every aspect
With wonderment and joy
They were all our hero’s
Their efforts they did employ
Transforming the bare earth
Into this gorgeous place
So wonderful and special
Such an awe-inspiring space

All should feel elevated
For such a commanding scene
Miles and miles and grandeur
In every shade of green
A majesty of fine trees
Where silence reigns and we
The people can walk safely
Admiring all we see

Lets save the Tarkine Lets save it now

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