The Tarkine2

The Merino Sheep Farmers
Had whispered the message
The awful destruction
The brutal ordeal
A stench of disruption
Of the immortal and giving
So vital to life force
And everything living
So much symbiosis
The survival of all
The distress thats on offer
Searing tormenting
Cries of the Wedge tail
Hear their lamenting
The Goshawks and others
The odour of silence
And anguish from mothers
A great carbon store
In the battle of climates
The foul smelling death cries
So many ignore

This greatest of wilderness
Wild and forever
A lasting romance with
The earth and the sky
The chatter of animals
All at full volume
Asking each other
Now really just why
Are humans at work
Destroying our homelands
All the magnificence
So much discord
The sawing the blasting
The cacophonous cries
The discordant rasping
They fail on all counts
To appreciate colour
A palette so varied
An intensity
Muted and pastel
And garish and faded
With bright notes
With brilliance
As loggers have raided

The wonderful beautiful
Sentinel creatures
Razed to the ground
Bitterly sobbing
The loggers are robbing
Our homesteads our
Rainbows our oil bearing
The Tarkines
Around them diversification
And now in the dead of night
What do we see
a truck a man locked down
His courage dramatic
The cops and the robbers
Around him they be

Unaware of the fight
Of the spirit of caring
The love of a wilderness
Left to our care
Being torn up and broken
A sightlessness coming
True tunnel vision
The only token
Given to people
Blind to the coming
The vanishing landscape
So many hearts drumming
The dissipation
And ,true creation
Tears every which way
Heartaches as well

Mental inertia
So much inanity
Being indifferent
Where is the sanity
Earnestness wakens
Attentive and hearing
So many sleeping
Hardly endearing

All the false reasoning
Mining and logging
Quibble and mystify
The wholesale flogging
Argue in a circle
The judgement of job
We are losing our forests
All over This globe

So much sloppy thinking
And nobody linking
The loss of the forests
To the climate and more
The preconceptions
And utter fixations
The loss of creations
We tend to ignore

The brave and all seeing
Warriors fighting
Taking on Mining and Logging
They know
They give up their backs
And their time and each moment
To rise in their being
And honestly grow.

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