Monet and his en plein air

Such exuberance
With his riot of colour he
Created an impressionistic
True philosophy
Boudin was his mentor
Who Encouraged him
To see things that were real
To really see and to really be
In effect the honest deal

He didnt copy others
The landscape round about
He collected all the colours
And he painted without doubt
He was born in November
A dark month one can say
And clearly loved the light
Absorbed the light
That was his way

His affection for nature
Came through him everyday
He captured the vivacity
The emotion and the sway
He was overcome by beauty
Giverny was his place
And there in what was
His haven and his garden
He could trace

His beginnings, how responsive
His amazing empathy
And his water lilies
And clouds reflected his love
For constancy
Out of struggle and adversity
Like the phoenix of his time
He had risen to the dizzy heights
But had not enjoyed the climb

His eyes may have been failing him
But he painted what he saw
The lilies and the cloud reflections
Admirable and raw
Clouding a little blurry
Slightly blocking out the blue
Scanning and perceiving
All The light a’ streaming through

And what we have before us
Is a beautiful refrain
His love and his affection
And ofcourse his pain
For him its what he truly saw
That he presented and we know
This masterclass of energy
Can only grow and grow

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