Two geese or not two geese that was the question

The joy of love
That chemistry
Takes you to another place
The light inside you lit
And no darkness can can worry you
For a goose it is a place
Like no other a rapture
An exalted space

Tasting corn together
Contentment through and through
Lip-smacking enjoyment
Its what geese like to do
Elated and euphoric
Feathers in a spin
And then to learn
The lady is to leave
You will not win

Her heart for she is going
On a motor bike
To where
She will be plucked and eaten
Her love she cannot share

That suffering
That bitterness
That desolation she
What humans do
They have no clue
Really where we be
The misery of knowing
She’s going
And I will

Face mortification
And uneasiness until
My time comes for giving
A last kiss
Beak to beak
I dont not want to live without her
Not another week
Not another day infact
Without her I am lost

To know that she was stuffed and
In some pan was tossed

That human beings fill their stomachs
With the body of my love
I am hopeful that her soul
Though will be flying far above

For she was more than beautiful
Our last kiss said it all
That the last thought before they killed her
My face she would recall

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