Nine so called young men pull apart a female goat

Sometimes I sit and ponder
At the madness going on
In the name culture
And tradition
Out upon

the mountainous
Beautiful areas
Around yea khatmandu
Where the indigenous
And the locals
Imagine something true

They respect life
But in August apparently they see
A 6 month old young female goat
Is fair game and she be
Tossed into the local pond
Near to the temple, and
9 strong virile young men
Should fail to understand

This young and nervous female
Really she is to be
Bitten and pulled apart by
9 young men and all can see
A principle of evil
Iniquitous and vile
Sinful to the point of no return
Ungodly bile

Malevolence and turpitude
what is an abomination
The Newari people free
To do what ever they want to
To an innocent wee soul
The agony of being
pulled apart
Their miscreant role

To any god who hears
The agony the terror
Who sees
The animals tears
Who feels the animals weaknesses
Bones stretched and broken by
9 so called brave warriors
So dense they can’t ask why

No god who ever existed
Would want this sacrifice
On his or her conscience
How could this suffice
To say from any odour of sanctity
The need to misbehave in such a
it more likely swept
Indecent and immoral thoughts
Out of purest prayer
Only a devil would do this kind of thing
And try to scare

The innocent the inoffensiveness
Out From kingdom come
This is the most evil ugly loathesome
Really dumb
Thing to ever contemplate
On a female goat
And for you lot to be doing this
Now see what I’ve wrote

And I am faraway in England
A poet for those souls
Brutally torn snd crucified
And undergoing roles
They are principled and characterful
And chaste in every way
And people all around the world
Striven with decay

want to drill down and murder
Want to slaughter and
Refer it to some festival
Spread bloodshed on this land
Cause the gods to anger
Cause the gods to cry
Cause the gods to force the storms
To sweep across the sky.

Did it really take you 900 years to realise
How dumb you all are?

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