Hookstown Fair’s elephants

Ever worn a heavy saddle?
And had to give rides all the time
Children kicking walking
In circles
Really theres no rhyme
Or reason for us elephants
To have to be this way
Being made to walk and walk
Being made to pay

We are the big attraction
Its exhausting what we do
Our feet were never made to walk
Like this
The clueless do
Put us rhrough the torture
And our feet get
Broken fast
Fairgrounds are no place for us
Our die sadly is cast

These rodeo come fair showman
Havent any idea
How this hurts us elephants
And brings about the fear
Yes we are big animals
And yes ofcourse we are strong
But walking around in circles
Is absolutely wrong

And we get nothing out of this
No proper food or rest
Poor air not enough water
No shelter it does test
Our spirit to be doing
This fairground activity
These humans are so ignorant
Thats there proclivity

Some say its educational
Ofcourse it makes no sense
Exhausting us with walking around in circles
Gets us tense
And those heavy saddles
Kiddyland no thanks
HOokstown fair is anything but
We are working for their banks.

Elephant fides are exhausting
And continually doing this will see those
Elephant lives cut short
Its abuse!!

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