Plea from an old elephant to Imran Khan

I am hoping that you can help me
I am stuck in here in this zoo
With nobody who cares for me
Really whatever I do
In a really inadequate enclosure
Often in the searing heat
No foliage to interst me
And the sun that wants to beat

Down on me no shade to speak of
Ofcourse my mental state
Instinctively I am suffering
Life here isnt great
I am really suffering badly
And I need your help sir please
The zoo has been ungenerous
And There is pain in both my knees

Long suffering and down trodden
I need you to think of me
I know you to be a fair man
A man whose history
Is of not being complacent
And of being fair
And so with just these qualities
Already you compare

With ancestors in my life
But here the humans they
Have been indisposed to offer
Any help along the way
It has all been harsh and rough for me
My skin chafed from the chain
The tenderness the weaknesses
I am in a lot of pain

A crumb of comfort would be great
To mitigate my soul
To cusion me a little
From being in this hole
Where there is some unhappiness
I am dispirited to see
The doldrums with me all this time
Perhaps an eternity

Perhaps neglect and harrassment
Is all that I can see
Life is so monotonous
And I am frightfully
Worried about my mental state
For I am tearful every day
If you intervene sir
And help me get away

O would feel so joyful
A sanctuary of sorts
This place is so awful
Take me into your thoughts
Here my daily affirmations
My rumbles that I send
And help me please sir help me
I know you are my friend

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