To hunt to kill

Hunters poachers trappers
Murderers they be
Without respect for life
Beyond their own mentality
Below the salt below the stairs
Plebians without rank
No respect for anything
Brazen faced and blank

Cowards behind their rifles
Audacious as can be
Ambush artists
Most of them
Ill-mannered naturally
And warring generally

Angry full of bitterness
Unable to see
The purpose of creation
Of life extraordinary
And all the other hangers on
Living off the kill
The guns the ammunition
The abhorrent offensive swill

Inspired by a post today on facebook
From Maria Lanc re HUNTING Being murder
Which it most certainly is

The arrogance and selfishness of slaughter
Over photography
True courage comes with photography poetry and artwork
Not standing and murdering living beings
For a trophy picture

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