Japan and African Ivory

Yahoo Japan is very very lenient
With trade on ivory sales spparently
Despite Rakuten closing down its platform
YAhoo could not care less it seems to me
The elephant should be much more respected
The criminals we know are everywhere
But corporations have the power to curtail them
But being lax about it sees despair
Building out in Agrica
As poachers continue to
Murder elephants and ship the ivory
That is what they do

The only way to stop it is to close the market
what amounts to this laissez faire attitude
Is a complete disgrace
They waive rhe rules and stretch a point
Its so easy in Japan
Where are their morals its dog eat dog
And ZEN goes down the pan

We need to see some strictness
A strong hand needs to be
Masterful and domineering
Exigent and exacting
Its got to happen now
Otherwise the elephant
Its survival tell me how

There has to be some governance
Sanctioned and on track
If necesaary crush their spirit
For If there was no way back
We could really see some improvement
And the ivory would slow
But its up the corporations
To assist as well we know.

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