Iceland 104 and 105

104 and 105
The poor souls
They could not survive
Their heavenly realm
Beneath the sea
Cut short by LOFTSSON

Endangered an unexpected
An explosive detonating force
That clearly knocked them
Both off course

Like a thunderbolt from high above
Loftsson sent his brand of love
Lacking foresight blighted these
FIN whales
Streamlined with ease

They cut through oceans
They are unreal!
And truthfully have so
Much appeal

What Loftssons doing
Is manifestly
Cruel obnoxious
And cringeworthy
Ofcourse its flawed
He’s sick in his head
And because of that
All these whales are dead.

I call on the great god Poseidon
To rise up and protect these miraculous whales and sink
These two icelandici ships

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