Iceland 108-109

The whale watching boats
See whales everyday
They call them by name
How they display
“Humpy” a Minke
They come into the bay
To gorge on the sandeels
Thats what they say

So there is affection
On the whale watching side
But loftssons whale catching
No one can hide
His horrific temper
Tantamount to sin
Independence for him
It does underpin
Now how he thinks
What he does
How he feels
This is his madness
And what it reveals

And the whales are the victims
Each lost to the world
Explosions that threw
whale heaven all of them hurled
To be flensed of their skin
To be chopped Up for good
And so we begin
Another vile saga
Of butchery where
Loftsson is happy
In created despair

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